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I Did This Before But...

But, well, it was a year or so ago, when there was only Jessen here ^_~ Time to redo~!

Name: Kate, or Mako :3
DoA SN: Jessen
Age: 21
Location: Phinney Ridge, Seattle

Style: Casual and comfy, and the same goes for my crew.
Likes: The Sunshine, sleeping, gardening and watering, taking pictures, writing, drawing, blah blah blah...
Dislikes: Being too hot; ignorance; walking into spider webs...
Favorite Brands: For me? Anything comfy. For the crew? Mainly CP and Volks and a Dollheart or two. They aren't picky.

My Doll Family::
Jessen ~ CP Delf El
Kai ~ SD13 Volks Syo
Imikin ~ MSD Volks Mika
Meikyou ~ NS Dollshe Hound
Beizi ~ CP Delf NaNuRi'06
Tashriel ~ CP Delf Juri06 (Boy)
Ness ~ CP Delf Juri06 (Boy)
Remenine ~ SD13 Volks Sweet Dream Syo (Girl)
Meriarijim ~ CP Delf NaNuRI'07

A bit about me:: Well, I just got home from working in Alaska for near three months and I am still getting used to being home again *laughs* I came home due to an on-the-job injury to my shoulder, and need to go find a good doctor for that. I also need to unpack 9_9;;;

-Mako 'n the Crew
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