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Another Profile Post!

DoA SN: Me-Ya-Ri

Age: >.> Turning 40 in September…
Location: Granite Falls, WA (go east of Everett by about half an hour’s drive...)

Style: Jeans and T-shirts, mostly
Likes: Dorries! Writing, role play, dollies, sewing, dollies, sewing for dollies, writing about dollies… ^_~
Dislikes: work, not having money for dollies…
Favorite Brands: (For doll stuff and human stuff) None. I love nearly all dolls and nearly all brands of stuff, as long as it’s well made and fits well.

My Doll Family::
Woo, long list!
Complete dolls: Yoriko (Elfdoll Ryung), Fall (Iplehouse Soo Ri), David (Soo Ri/ Dollzone hybrid), Rikio (CP Chiwoo mod), Yuki (AR NT Ren), Harumi (Soom Uyoo), Violet (CP Shiwoo Girl), Samuel (CP Vamp Shiwoo), Ben (Dollshe Bernard), Lellia (CP 2006 Juri), Gil (CP 2006 Nanuri).

Floating Heads: Kaichi (Dollmore Kyle Reese), S’Kara Yune (CP Vamp Elf Chiwoo), Barimir (CP Kid Delf Ari Dreaming)

Dolls needed to complete the family::
Another long list! Which varies and changes week to week. These are the certain ones.
Tier (Dollshe SA Hound), Blair Jr (Bambicrony Gun), Moira Dove (Bambicrony Vin), Noriko (Elfdoll Sooah), Mikael (Elfdoll Red), and a random Volks MSD Hisui because I lovers her!

A bit about me::
Oddly, I never loved dolls until I saw the Elfdoll Ryung. But once I saw her I fell hard and have gathered 12 dolls and 3 heads in the last two years. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of them, given the fun I have writing their stories, playing with them, making clothes for them and just being around them.
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