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*hops on bandwagon*

DoA SN: usamimi
Age: 25
Location: Port Orchard

Style: cute casual~ ♥
Likes: cute dolls, books, bunnies, music, movies, photography, graphic design, fashion design, video games, art...
Dislikes: sour foods, hot/dry weather, ignorance...
Favorite Brands: (For doll stuff and human stuff) CP, Volks, h.NAOTO, BTSSB, Vivienne Westwood, Angelic Pretty, Dollmore, ect...

My Doll Family::
Murakami Yukito - CP minifee Chiwoo
On my "going to buy soon" list: Orientdoll So-Ji, CP minifee Shushu

A bit about me::
I love cute toys and dolls, I collect lots of them, including a crapload of Pullips and Pinky:St as well. XD; I live with my fiance of over 7 years and our cat, Sable, and I work in a video shop. This is actually my doll journal, but I have a personal journal as well, sobloodycute. I've been to several Seattle meets and a couple of trunk shows. Nice to meet you all!
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