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washington state bjds' Journal

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29th September 2008

princesstapi10:33pm: Introducing Charles' Creature Cabinet - from the Creator of Alice Cherry Blossom
Hi Everyone,

I'm mEda, the Marketing and Foreign Trades Manager of Charles' Creature Cabinet, a new ABJD company created by Charles Stephan, the creator of Alice Cherry Blossom. We are very excited with this new project and would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.

Charles’ Creature Cabinet™ is a sole proprietorship company / arts and crafts studio founded in Autumn 2008. It officially opened its doors this September. We want to offer our customers 100% handmade art and crafts, unique and high quality collectable artist toys: Asian ball jointed dolls, designer toys and character dolls. Charles’ Creature Cabinet™ is Charles Stephan’s dream studio from design to manufacturing operated in The Netherlands.

Our Indonesian mini factory is equipped to manufacture small runs of limited editions. Thus ensuring of no mass production but limited runs of unique toys and dolls. Charles’ Creature Cabinet is not only dedicated to bring you a high quality product but also a wonderful and unique little piece of art.

The first Limited Edition dolls from Charles’ Creature Cabinet™ will be available on October 14th, 2008! Here is a sneak preview of these cuties:

To find out more about the dolls and Charles’ Creature Cabinet™, please visit: http://www.charlescreaturecabinet.com!

29th September 2007

bombaygin11:47pm: Filter - Dolls: SALE! Clothing, Volks Yo-SD Rengemaru, Shoes, Wigs, etc
I'm trying to get rid of most of my doll stuff, and it's proving harder than I thought. So here's a whole bunch of stuff, insanely low prices and no paypal


First class shipping: $2
Priority Shipping: $5

International Flat Rate: $6


Gray/Pink/Bleached Tip Fur Wig for SD13/Volks - $5

The rest is under the cut.Collapse )

If you purchase more than three items, I will ship for free!

Volks Yo-SD SwD Rengemaru - $525
He will not come with the outfit shown, but will come with the wig and eyes shown.

30th July 2007

_jessen_2:39pm: I Did This Before But...
But, well, it was a year or so ago, when there was only Jessen here ^_~ Time to redo~!

Name: Kate, or Mako :3
DoA SN: Jessen
Age: 21
Location: Phinney Ridge, Seattle

Style: Casual and comfy, and the same goes for my crew.
Likes: The Sunshine, sleeping, gardening and watering, taking pictures, writing, drawing, blah blah blah...
Dislikes: Being too hot; ignorance; walking into spider webs...
Favorite Brands: For me? Anything comfy. For the crew? Mainly CP and Volks and a Dollheart or two. They aren't picky.

My Doll Family::
Jessen ~ CP Delf El
Kai ~ SD13 Volks Syo
Imikin ~ MSD Volks Mika
Meikyou ~ NS Dollshe Hound
Beizi ~ CP Delf NaNuRi'06
Tashriel ~ CP Delf Juri06 (Boy)
Ness ~ CP Delf Juri06 (Boy)
Remenine ~ SD13 Volks Sweet Dream Syo (Girl)
Meriarijim ~ CP Delf NaNuRI'07

A bit about me:: Well, I just got home from working in Alaska for near three months and I am still getting used to being home again *laughs* I came home due to an on-the-job injury to my shoulder, and need to go find a good doctor for that. I also need to unpack 9_9;;;

-Mako 'n the Crew
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26th July 2007

rai_kamishiro6:46pm: Rai desu gozaimasu desu♥
Name: Rai Kamishiro
DoA: Rai_Kamishiro
Age: 20
Location: Bellevue
Style: Goth-punk/Marie Loli
Like: Orange, cosplay, Kururu, cute things, Love and peace, horror♥
Dislikes: Pidgeons

Doll Family

Hibari - DoD Tender Too
Diodate - DoT Homme Ducan
Wolfgang - DoD Yen

~The full list~

Takasugi Tenko - DZ Tanned Megi
Takasugi Toshi - DZ White Megi
Cossette - Muse Doll Ciel
Evil Eddie - Muse Doll RE-CHE
Maki - VOLKS Luna

About me:
I'm a first gen Japanses immigrant, I currently run RosenKrantz, a (mostly) MSD clothes coalition, I make music, recently I've been taking a lot of pictures and spamming the non-dolly people on my LJ with pictures. Me and me roommate Jim are the platonic miracle tag team of Doom(TM) [When we're not mistaken as father and daughter] and his dollies Miho and Kotoko often model Rai clothes. I test video games for a living, and we're secretly wondertwins with Leeda♥. I'm usually at most meets, and feel free to add me to your friends list or just say Hi~

Currently getting ready for a booth at Kumoricon, and selling a DoD MSD boy long leg body.

♥Dolly spam♥

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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30th June 2007

khaosvanity2:25am: I'm selling an Angel Region Little Fair Ren boy and a DoC Mir girl.
Both are MSD sized.
Please buy these cuties! ♥Collapse )
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22nd June 2007

butterflys_nest9:17pm: Dolls & Friends Meetup - Bellevue
I'm not sure if I should be the one posting this or maybe one of the Dolls & Friends employees but...

July 7th from noon until 3pm is the next trunk show!

If you havent been to a D&F trunk show before here is a link to the address and driving directions. Click on the link to the left entitled "Contact: Kathy & Leo" for their email address and phone number if you need it.

20th June 2007

bombaygin9:48am: Schtuff for sales. :D
Everyone on wa_bjd gets free shipping, yo. Comment here if you wants something! Or you can email me at digikym[at]yahoo.com <3

All the goodies under the cut.Collapse )

18th June 2007

me_ya_ri4:15pm: Another Profile Post!
DoA SN: Me-Ya-Ri
Read more...Collapse )
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pullipsushi2:48pm: I thought I'd jump in to^^.

Name: Lizz
DoA Nick: MelancholyWings
Age: 32
Location: Lake Stevens

Likes: Stuff, I like to much stuff^^. I enjoy sewing, video games, movies, bento boxes, Disney, Pullips, Blythes, Dollcena, My Child dolls and am slowly selling off a MLP collection.
Dislikes: I won't say^^ I'd hate to offend.

My Doll Family::
Minette a Sooah.

Dolls I'd like to add to my family:
Elfdoll Red, and an undecided MSD and a Tiny.

A bit about me::
My most precious doll is a handmade childhood doll named Marie. She still travels with me everywhere. I'm also a mom to a 6 year old little girl I call 'Bean' she enjoys being involved in my hobbies.
fantastic_alice1:53pm: *hops on bandwagon*
DoA SN: usamimi
Age: 25
Location: Port Orchard

Style: cute casual~ ♥
Likes: cute dolls, books, bunnies, music, movies, photography, graphic design, fashion design, video games, art...
Dislikes: sour foods, hot/dry weather, ignorance...
Favorite Brands: (For doll stuff and human stuff) CP, Volks, h.NAOTO, BTSSB, Vivienne Westwood, Angelic Pretty, Dollmore, ect...

My Doll Family::
Murakami Yukito - CP minifee Chiwoo
On my "going to buy soon" list: Orientdoll So-Ji, CP minifee Shushu

A bit about me::
I love cute toys and dolls, I collect lots of them, including a crapload of Pullips and Pinky:St as well. XD; I live with my fiance of over 7 years and our cat, Sable, and I work in a video shop. This is actually my doll journal, but I have a personal journal as well, sobloodycute. I've been to several Seattle meets and a couple of trunk shows. Nice to meet you all!
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bombaygin1:01pm: My darlings. :D
Just thought I'd spam youse guys with pictures of all of my babies.

Not for the connectively challenged. XDCollapse )

Wow...that's a lot of pictures! XD
indispoptart12:34pm: helping with activity! hello . . .
hallo! i'm stephanie, or poptart (hs nickname that seems to have stuck ^.^). i live in a more southern area of washington -- olympia-ish. i discovered these dolls many moons ago and really wanted one, but with college looming ahead of me i did not buy one with my mountains of graduation cash (it was more like hills, actually). any who, to make this long story of five years short, i eventually did get a dolly and i haven't been able to stop since, just space out my doll purchases by about three months or more. =D

right now my doll family consists of:
carys nigella grey [dollmore model ipsae]
'balin' phineas knightley [dollshe saint]
emmalynn francis (goes by emmy) [volks yo-sd papi]
and a 43cm open eye narae due home any day now! ^.^

holy cow of course i have some pictures! =D
+12Collapse )
khaosvanity11:50am: Selling Angel Reigion Girl body
Angel Region Diana Fair body NS {head not included}Collapse )
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butterflys_nest12:13am: Name: Manami
DoA SN: Manami
Age: Old enough to buy porn and smoke cigs but not old enough to drink booze (I don't smoke btw)
Location: Seattle

Style: Sweet Lolita, Punk, Gothic Lolita
Likes: Shopping, Walking, Sleeping, Baking, Cooking, Men, Manga/Anime, Video Games
Dislikes: too many things to list
Favorite Brands: (For doll stuff and human stuff) Volks, Dollmore, h.NAOTO, BTSSB, Vivienne westwood, Dream of Doll,

My Doll Family::
Umeko - Volks SD13G Cyndy 2
Alice - Volks SDG Kurumi
Maru-Dashi (AKA. Ichigo) - Volks Yo-SDG Papi
Moro-Dashi - Volks Yo-SDG Lin [Due home at the end of the month]

Dolls needed to complete the family:: +starts counting pennies+
Chris - Volks SD13B F-16
Michael - Volks SD13B F-16 Sunlight
Momoko - Volks SD13G [head mould not yet chosen]
Ma-nya - Volks MSDG [head mould not yet chosen]
Kami-Sama - Volks Byakuren
Rai - Dream of doll, Dream of Teen Tender E-an
Lie - Dream of doll, Dream of Teen E-an
Satan (AKA. Victor) - Dream of Doll, Dream of Teen Homme Ducan

A bit about me::
I got into BJDs a few years ago going through phases of "soooo pretty! Me wanty!" and "uggg too expensive.... must waste money on other things". Then last new years I broke down and bought Umeko, its all gone down hill from there ^_^;;; I try to make it to all of the Seattle meetups, if you see me feel free to say hi!

17th June 2007

_lapislazuli11:30pm: Name: Stephie / Sabashii
DoA SN: Sabashii
Age: 23
Location: Seattle with my girlfriend khaosvanity <3
Wesbsites: HV Deviant Art / Honey Vanity

+ Lapis & Lazuli ~ Twin Shiwoo Elves
+ Emma Peel ~ Angel Region Diana Pride
+ Kulullu ~ Dollmore Noir Asha
+ Rose Melange ~ Serendipity Freya
+ Tobiko ~ Bambicrony Misty Blue Roko

Glad to see this community up again, hopefully we can keep it that way! ^_^ I've been into BJDs for some time now (since I can't remember?) but also into all kinds of dollies since I was a little girl. My other hobbies are Decora fashion, strawberries, and Pop'n Music (thanks to Rai~!) just to name a few. Hope to meet more wonderful doll peeps!

<3 Sabashii / Stephie
lazalanti10:49pm: I suppose I should join in with trying to help this community become active again!
About myself? I work at Dolls and Friends and I'm a comic artist. Well, I'm working hard to at least be able to tell my stories somebody.... <3

Name: Jennifer, also known as J.L.
DoA SN: JL_Anderson
Age: 25
Location: Bellevue ^^

Dolls: Alice (Volks Magie), Howell (soon to be reborn as CP Bory), Two (Elfdoll Sooah), Killy (DP Yder), Tiki (Elfdoll Catsy), Chontalli (CP Tan Lishe), Josephine (Dollmore C.D.Torrie), Lily (Volks Mika), J.D. (Soom S.D.Gena), Jayne (Elfdoll Ruru), Franklin (Elfdoll Special K), Naiya (Soom P.N.Aren), Gina (Elfdoll Hana Angel), Mishki (Elfdoll Kathlen)

That's a long list. ;___; Darn working at a doll store!!!!

Websites: Anaria.net and my work webpage is Dolls and Friends. ^_^
v_i_d_e10:05pm: j0
Hey^.^ I can't remember if I've joined this before but here's an introduction anyway.
I'm Jazmin, Flurry on DoA, I've got two dollies right now;
Blair a Happy Doll Elf Carrie and Satou (LaFresasita) a Lati White Lily
Neither of them have their default face ups, eyes, or wigs, though I do still have Satou's around.
I've been wanting a DIM Danbi for my tortured-soul-"albino"-boy Mezawari (he'll have a more commonly used name later) and I'm also wanting to get a Bambicrony Misty Blue Roko who will be my zombie/drowned child Anouk, a currently nonexistent Tan Mini fee Shiwoo named Skittles, and Milo "Cricket" Silverspoons, a Serendipity lovely Freyr.

AND to make this post more interesting here is a presentation on what I think the reason people find bjd's scary is.
picsCollapse )
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sisterite8:22pm: Intro Post
Hello, ladies and gents! I'm Lyz; I'm 21 and I live in Renton.

I only have one little resin-child named Joei; she's an AngelRegion Dana, and I love her right to bits. I'm thinking about saving up for Unoa, for my next doll.

If you would like to see pictures I post of Joei, please visit dark_harbor. Feel free to add me!

Hey everyone! It seems that this community is very much dead, but I totally want to necro it. And what better way to bring it back to life than an intro post! ♥

Name: Nike {but I also go by Kurai}
DoA SN: littledemonkurai
Age: 20-ish ;D
Location: Seattle with my girlfriend _lapislazuli~ ♥

Dolls: Yume {Volks SD Nana}, Kurai {CP Elf Ani}, Amon {CP Tan El}, Soda*Pop Fizz {Unoa Quluts Lusis 1.0}, and Cereal Killer {CP Tan Shiwoo}

Websites: HoneyVanity and HoneyVanity on DeviantArt

♥ :I love taking photos of mine and my girlfriend's dolls, RP'ing, drawing and sewing. I also love Lolita fashion and I attend Lolita meets as well as doll meets.

Well, that's that! And if anyone else wants to post an intro please do! Help revive this community!
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15th October 2006

projectlenny11:23pm: Hello!!!!!!!
hi i'm new here i didn't think so meny people in washington had dolls, anyway a little about my self, i'm in peshastin my name is not lenny its really Laura(i just thnk lenny sounds cooler) green is my color, and i have 1 doll kid delf any boy ^.^ but i just call him Rudolph this is my BOY!!! I'm not german(more like italian) most people i've noticed go with japanses name's i just did;t think any of thoses names fit. I guess you can say i'm not totally in the asian culture thing right now(i use to be). I only listen to 1 j-rock band and i've sold mostly all my anime series *.* but i totally love these dolls and i plan to get other next year i'm also on DOA and my user's name is LENNIE its nice meeting all of you!!!!!!!!
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15th April 2006

aiden_kun2:59am: Hello wow I'm surprised there are actually more dollfie owners in Washington. I live in Graham WA. It's not to far from tacoma and seattle lets just say as you probably don't know where graham is. My doll is Aiden there are pictures in the profile and all. I'm Yuki and I'm 16 years old. I would love to meet up with some more dollfie owners of washington. Poor Aiden gets lonely at times. Wel I hope to talk to some of you more.

18th February 2006

atomic_fetus1:50pm: Neglect
This is my doll's livejournal; but I felt a need to post since I've pretty much neglected this community since I formed it a few months ago.

I currently own a Nari-pon Pansy by the name of Evangeline (the owner of this journal) and I have a 43cm Snow White Narae on the way by the name of Ava Lillith Graves.

We currently reside outside of Seattle, in Everett. Only Evangeline owns a car and it's too small for me to ride in so we usually skip out on Seattle meets due to an utter hatred of a two hour bus ride to and from Seattle.

I'm thinking of organizing an Everett doll meet for any of you who are interested. Times and place suggestions would be helpful as I can't think of a good place in Everett to meet. Post and let me know.

I hope this community grows and becomes more active.

Thanks. :)

11th February 2006

mako9:23pm: Introductory Post :D
Hello!  I just found this community by luck and chance (i seem to have a lot of that today~ *gleeful*) and thought it was awesome~  so tada~

Who are we? 'm called mostly Mako, or Moons, or whatever you feel like calling me.  (though i can't say that i'll respond to anything else XD)
Dolls? CP Delf El by the name of Jessen :D  and we just (and i mean minutes ago) won a Volks Syo head off of eBay.  ;_; my family is growing ;_;
Where are we? well, currently we're at school in Idaho 9_9;  but we live in Seattle, on Phinney Ridge.
Ages: I am 20 (turning 21 this year.  lordy.), and Jessen is 19.
and we are both obsessed with the sky and daydreaming XD;

Jessen is under here~Collapse )

we don't have any pictures of Syo currently, because... well, we just won him and yeah. 9_9;

sorry about the might shoddy introduction post ^^; my mind is rather feverish/nutty with the win ;w;
-Mako (and Jessen)
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7th January 2006

akoeabsolute1:44am: Five second introductory post! :D
Hey, I'm Akoeabsolute from the forums, and extremely uncreative when it comes to choosing aliases for myself. I figured I'd just introduce myself and.... yeah.

I have three BJDs, two big, one small; an Imagined Lune, an EL, and an Asha. I'm always interested in meeting other dollowners, especially if they are around the Bellevue or Seattle area, and....yes. :D

Anyway, hello to you all, and here's hoping I get to meet a few of you, if we've not allready met at the Dolls and Friends trunkshows or at the meets in Seattle. ^_^

/end timid introductory post.
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