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The trigger is pulled and it's just me.

Filter - Dolls: SALE! Clothing, Volks Yo-SD Rengemaru, Shoes, Wigs, etc

I'm trying to get rid of most of my doll stuff, and it's proving harder than I thought. So here's a whole bunch of stuff, insanely low prices and no paypal


First class shipping: $2
Priority Shipping: $5

International Flat Rate: $6


Gray/Pink/Bleached Tip Fur Wig for SD13/Volks - $5

Cheerydoll Outfit for Bambicrony (worn only once) - $30

Grey knit scarf (perfect for MSD/Yo-SD) - $1

Navy Blue 3/4 length pants by Dollmore for MSD - $4 HOLD

Black SD13 Combat boots by Dollheart - $25 HOLD

Black SD13 Gothic boots - $30

Pink iamdoll shirt for MSD - $4

Grey and black striped shirt by Dollmore for SD/SD13 - $5 HOLD

Brand New! Red and Black LeCoq Shoes from Dollmore for SD/SD13 - $5 HOLD

Striped hand-made beanie-style hat for MSD - $3

Cashmere Wool hat for MSD/SD/SD13 (stretches to fit) - $5

Yellow Life-Guard T-shirt for SD/SD13 - $5

Pale Yellow Yo-SD Boots from Volks - $8

Black Wool hat for SD/SD13 by Ajumapama - $8

Black leather choker/belt - $3

Black and White Striped Scarf - $5

Khaki cargo shorts for SD/SD13 - $10

Like New Dollheart shoes for MSD - $20

Black MSD Shorts - $8

Blue jersey hoody for SD/SD13 made by belladonna - $10 HOLD

Brown fur wig for smaller head SD/Hound - $5

Black fur wig for Yo-SD/MSD - $3

Brown fur wig for Yo-SD - $5

Iplehouse Blonde/Brown Wig Size 8.5 trimmed - $8

If you purchase more than three items, I will ship for free!

Volks Yo-SD SwD Rengemaru - $525
He will not come with the outfit shown, but will come with the wig and eyes shown.

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