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Rai desu gozaimasu desu♥

Name: Rai Kamishiro
DoA: Rai_Kamishiro
Age: 20
Location: Bellevue
Style: Goth-punk/Marie Loli
Like: Orange, cosplay, Kururu, cute things, Love and peace, horror♥
Dislikes: Pidgeons

Doll Family

Hibari - DoD Tender Too
Diodate - DoT Homme Ducan
Wolfgang - DoD Yen

~The full list~

Takasugi Tenko - DZ Tanned Megi
Takasugi Toshi - DZ White Megi
Cossette - Muse Doll Ciel
Evil Eddie - Muse Doll RE-CHE
Maki - VOLKS Luna

About me:
I'm a first gen Japanses immigrant, I currently run RosenKrantz, a (mostly) MSD clothes coalition, I make music, recently I've been taking a lot of pictures and spamming the non-dolly people on my LJ with pictures. Me and me roommate Jim are the platonic miracle tag team of Doom(TM) [When we're not mistaken as father and daughter] and his dollies Miho and Kotoko often model Rai clothes. I test video games for a living, and we're secretly wondertwins with Leeda♥. I'm usually at most meets, and feel free to add me to your friends list or just say Hi~

Currently getting ready for a booth at Kumoricon, and selling a DoD MSD boy long leg body.

♥Dolly spam♥

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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