The trigger is pulled and it's just me. (bombaygin) wrote in wa_bjd,
The trigger is pulled and it's just me.

Schtuff for sales. :D

Everyone on wa_bjd gets free shipping, yo. Comment here if you wants something! Or you can email me at digikym[at] <3

1. eLuts KDW-37 For Kid Delf (Natural Black - BRAND NEW) - $28

I just received this brand new Luts wig, in black, size 7-8 for Kid Delf,
larger headed MSDs. It was meant for my DoC Tender Too,
but his head is much too small. ;___;
This wig is currently sold out on the Luts website.
Photo of an Obitsu Gretel head wearing the wig.

2. Monique Wig in size 5-6, Dark Auburn (BRAND NEW) - $8

Another wig I just received... I mistakenly bought this wig in a size that's
too small for my darling, big-headed Piccolo. The wig cap is stretchy, so I'm
sure it will fit Bambicrony dolls and other slightly smaller-headed tinies.
This wig will not fit Volks Yo-SD dolls.
(Photos of my wig will only be taken upon request by serious buyers.)

3. Monique Wig, Size 8.5 - Great for Elfdoll boys, Iplehouse and Dollshes -- Any SD13 boy with small heads. - $10

4. 18mm Mystic "Sea Water" Urethane Eyes - $60
Bought from the lovely Julia and worn in my Soo Ri. They're gorgeous and I'm a little sad to part with them.
But I really need to stop spending so much on eyes. XD!

5. 18mm Luts Brown Acrylic Eyes - $8

6. 16mm Dark Cobalt Acrylic Eyes - $8

7. Green-Grey Glass Eyes in both 18mm - $25

Photo of my Elfdoll K wearing the 16mm Green-Grey glass eyes.

8. Chuck Brown Oval-Shaped Acrylic Eyes - $5

9. Dark Green Full Round Acrylic Eyes - $7

10. Ajumapama Long-sleeved black and white t-shirt with gold screenprint - $27
(Seen here on my Dolkot Hara)

11. Ajumapama Black Knit Hat - $7
(Seen here on my Dolkot Hara)

12. Dollmore SD13 Dark Blue Skinny Jeans (BRAND NEW) - $27
(Stock photo used -- photo of jeans on a doll can be taken upon serious request by buyer)

13. Black and white striped hoody, made by DoA member belladonna - $14
(photo taken by belladonna)

14. Yo-SD Winter Coat & Scarf (hat, socks, boots and trousers not included) - $30
(Stock photo from VolksUSA used. Photo will be taken upon serious request by buyer)

15. Mister Super Clear Flat UV Cut - $15
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