The trigger is pulled and it's just me. (bombaygin) wrote in wa_bjd,
The trigger is pulled and it's just me.

My darlings. :D

Just thought I'd spam youse guys with pictures of all of my babies.

First up are Jared and Spiderman Jones, my IH Soo Ri and WS Saint, respectively. :D They kick off my SD13 and taller boys. I love all types of dolls, and I think my growing collection shows this. X3

This is Jared!

This is Spiderman Jones!

They are quite in love with each other.

Spiderman Jones is really shy.

Random "warm" shots of the boys. This was just after we got our boys.


Next up, Ryan, Eric, Emerson and Joe -- my School C, Dolkot Hara, Elfdoll Standard K, and Dollstown NS Hue, respectively. These are the rest of my SD13 boys, all 62cm and taller.

Ryan, my Volks School C!

Eric, my NS Dolkot Hara. He's so cute.

Emerson, my Elfdoll Standard K. He's so manly. :o

Joe, my sad Dollstown NS Hue. So far, he's my most expensive doll, costing me $900 to get him. x___x
But he's one of my dream dolls, and I know people have paid MUCH more for Bermanns, and my boy is
even more limited than those boys. (He's also quite possibly the only Dollstown NS Hue in the United States.)


Next are my MSD boys and my first and only tiny so far. I'm currently working on getting a Yo-SD Shinn, so he'll get to play with my Yo-SD SwD Piccolo. But for now, here are my little babies: Tim, Maurice, Gord, Jonas, and Sneakers -- my DM Kid Aidan, DM Kid U-Jee, DoD DOC T.Too, Blue Fairy Tiny Niky and SwD Piccolo.

Cutieboys, Tim and Maurice. They're very much in love. <3

Here are Gord and Jonas, my Tender Too and my BF Niky. (I have to say, I got DAMN good deals on both of
these boys. Gord, I got for $250, including two wigs, a shirt, a pair of pants and a pair of shoes. For
Jonas, I got him for $375, and that included the faceup by Tasha_Neko, which the original owner paid over
$100 for. Hawwwwwt.)


And finally, Sneakers! X3 He's my newest boy, and oh god, he's so cute. CUUUUUTE.

Wow...that's a lot of pictures! XD
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