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hi i'm new here i didn't think so meny people in washington had dolls, anyway a little about my self, i'm in peshastin my name is not lenny its really Laura(i just thnk lenny sounds cooler) green is my color, and i have 1 doll kid delf any boy ^.^ but i just call him Rudolph this is my BOY!!! I'm not german(more like italian) most people i've noticed go with japanses name's i just did;t think any of thoses names fit. I guess you can say i'm not totally in the asian culture thing right now(i use to be). I only listen to 1 j-rock band and i've sold mostly all my anime series *.* but i totally love these dolls and i plan to get other next year i'm also on DOA and my user's name is LENNIE its nice meeting all of you!!!!!!!!
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